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RENAMERATOR is a custom camera image bulk renamer, so camera images have names that make sense to you.

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Mikulator is the newest Mike Date calculator. The Mike Date is my personal timekeeping system. This converts standard dates to Mike Dates and vice versa.

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2019 Peace Corps Gabon T-Shirt Design

Here is my design for the 2019 Peace Corps Gabon reunion t-shirt. Four colors on a black shirt with plenty of taxi, Bongo, and alligator.

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Saga is travel time software that I wrote which tracks your progress on a trip at predicts when you will arrive at every stop along the way.

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Color to Alpha with GIMP 2.10 leads to washed out appearance

[SOLVED] After upgrading to Gimp 2.10, the Color to Alpha function creates washed out appearance and is not correct. Problem with Color to Alpha in GIMP 2.10.

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CZ Waves For Your Mix

Introducing “Casio CZ-1 Spelunking REMIXED”! A bundle of single cycle waveforms pulled from my 2007 study of every possible wave combination on a Casio CZ-1.

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Clove Cart Animation

An animation of a pedaled powered food cart that produces pizzas in Wyoming.

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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy. Describes what a user can expect, in terms of privacy, with this website, kasploosh.com.

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Contact Me

Contact me. This page provides a handy form where you can email me.

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Debian Bullseye, hard drives not found at boot

[SOLVED] After a recent upgrade of Debian bullseye, systemd times out trying to load system storage drives.

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Design, drafting, wacky ideas, and more. The entry page for kasploosh.com says hello.

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