saga is travel time software, and route information software, that I wrote. I’m still tickled when I realize it exists.

saga software can predict when you will pass every stop along your trip, based on your previous journeys on the same route. It makes long road trips a lot more fun, because it turns out that knowing when each milestone will be passed makes the trip unfold in a more relaxed way. And it helps with the politics of traveling with others when everyone knows how long to the next bathroom.

This software is good for any longer trip where you do the trip the same each time. It’s good if you are a kid stuck in the car going to grandma’s house. It’s good if you are an adult commuting by a mix of walking and train.

The software is flexible in terms of mode of transportation. It can be used for automobile, train, airplane, biking, walking, or any combination. That’s because predictions are based only on your previous trips on the same route.

The software is flexible in terms of places and regions. The places and regions can be prosaic like gas station and Nevada county. Or the places and regions can be from your imagination like Ogre’s Den and Bedeviled Forest.

This project is written in cross-platform Python 3. The user interface is a full screen terminal app that shows your route, your list of places, and so on. It is sized to fit neatly on my T420 laptop running Debian. You can quit the program between places and resume it later. You can sleep the laptop between places.

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