Find Whodunit


Find Whodunit GUI

Find Whodunit puts a necessary tool in the toolbox of researchers. In every case we've looked at up to this point, the researchers are looking at the data for a certain cat, and analyzing its location at different times. But in some cases, a researcher might know the date and time, but not the cat.

For example, imagine an expedition found a mountain lion predation site, but the cat who did the deed is long gone. In that case, you know the exact place, you can estimate the time, but you don't know which cat was involved.

The whodunit function allows you to query a certain time and place, and see if any cats were nearby. As with the other functions, you can easily control the settings that define a match via the GUI.


The program produces text output of any matches.

The program produces image feedback that reflects the text output.

Example image output from Find Whodunit
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Screenshot of Find Whodunit in action.
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