Personal Time Keeping

Personal time keeping is a small concept that is related to the Mike Date.

Your Crazy Uncle

Imagine you have a really crazy uncle. This crazy uncle has designed a special stopwatch. The stopwatch is based on an ingenious mechanism and it never stops running. You can't prevent it from running even if you try.

Your uncle gives you an incredible gift. He attends your birth, and right when you squeeze out he presses GO!!! on the stopwatch. That stopwatch started at zero, and as soon as you were born it started counting up through all the times of your life.

When you turn 12 your uncle gives you this awesome stopwatch. You read the stopwatch, and know that it's been 4,383 days since your uncle first pressed GO.

Wouldn't it be cool if your uncle did that?

The idea of personal time keeping is that everybody could have their own little clock ticking away. You can have your own personal time keeping system that is exactly in tune with your own life.

Using such a system does not mean you have to forego using the calendar everybody else uses. You can use both at the same time.