Not An Ego Trip

In documenting this idea, I have written the phrase "Mike Date" so often that I realized people are going to think I'm trippin. This is not an ego trip! I only call it "the Mike Date" because that's what I've been calling it, mostly to myself.

I didn't invent the idea of counting days. The Julian Date goes back to the 16th century. I didn't invent decimalized days. The Modified Julian Date was used in 1957 to track Sputnik. They are both old ideas.

I don't own this idea. I think every person on earth could have their own personal calendar. I think it would be awesome if Miriam had her own personal calendar along these same lines. Of course, Miriam wouldn't call it the "Mike Date". She would call it the "Miriam Date", or whatever else she wanted to name it.

Likewise, Martha could have a Martha Date, and Maxwell could have a Maxwell Date. So even though I have written "Mike Date" on all these pages, it's not an ego trip. Just read it as %AnyNameHere% Date.