Screen capture of TIMEVIEW GUI application

TIMEVIEW application showing a single timeline for date 13451
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TIMEVIEW is a GUI application for viewing timeline graphics. We have the historical time data, we have the ability to create timeline graphics with it. This provides a GUI to flip through the timeline graphics.

It’s called TIMEVIEW because it lets you view your timelines, and view your time in general. Also, the title is eight characters long like the others.

This is normally used from within STOPTHAT GUI. From there, the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-t brings up TIMEVIEW to display the timeline graphics.

Screen capture of TIMEVIEW GUI application

TIMEVIEW application with labeled parts
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  1. List of timelines in the current folder. This example contains only one sample timeline.
  2. The timeline graphic fills up this big area
  3. Regenerate the current timeline and display the updated version
  4. Flip the timeline vertical so the text can be read more easily
  5. Open up a different folder full of timelines
  6. Show the keyboard shortucts cheat sheet
  7. Go to the previous timeline
  8. Close the whole application
  9. Go to the next timeline
  10. Enter a text search term
  11. Search for the given text backwards in time
  12. Search for the given text forwards in time