Media Cabinet

This was a project to build a “media cabinet” to hold stereo and computer equipment. This project took a lot of planning and execution, and the build quality was good. But there are also some things I can point out that are wrong with it.

Project Description

At the time the project was originally conceived, we had stereo equipment and speakers set up in the living room, along with a computer tower and monitor. We used the stereo like anyone would, and we used the computer to watch movies, play games, and stream music over the network.

But we didn't have a good place to put or contain this equipment, which had a number of negative effects:

  • Equipment got dusty. Very annoying.
  • No place to set up and use the turntable, so vinyl just sat around looking lonely.
  • Cassette deck and cassettes weren't able to be used either.
  • Computer on the floor + stereo receiver on a table + computer monitor on another table = not a good look.

I wanted to make a cabinet that would be an official central station for our “media equipment” (computer plus stereo), that would keep it clean and tidy, and that would allow us to easily play all of our vinyl, cassettes, compact discs, and whatever else. That is not a small list of requirements, and the furniture did not turn out small.

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