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BricsCAD Is Double Printing Each Character

Why does text printed to PDF with BricsCAD V14 on Linux look heavy or bold? It turns out that each character is printed twice: once as outline, and again as fill.

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BricsCAD Best TEXTQLTY Setting

Attempting to find out what is the best possible setting for TEXTQLTY for good PDF output with BricsCAD V14 and Linux. Why more TEXTQLTY is not always better.

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Improved PDF Output For BricsCAD Linux

Bricsys announced that they made improvements to TrueType font rendering and PDF output in Linux. I take a look at the improvements.

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BricsCAD TEXTQLTY Variable

An in-depth look at the new system variable TEXTQLTY in BricsCAD V14. Attempting to get improved output for PDFs created with BricsCAD V14 on Linux.

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