Bricscad Issues

I have been evaluating Bricscad to see if it would be a suitable replacement for AutoCAD for the work that I do, which is mostly two-dimensional black and white drawings.

One of the benefits of Bricscad, for me, is that there is a version that runs on different versions of Linux. Having a CAD program that runs in Linux would be much more efficient for me, because it would allow me to focus on one workstation.

The short answer to the question of whether Bricscad can replace AutoCAD for my work is: almost. There are a few outstanding issues that are blocking the transition.

I want to outline the major issues since I have been testing them. Perhaps the people at Bricscad can solve these issues. I'm rooting for them to succeed.

I am preparing these documents in an effort to help the Bricscad people identify and fix these errors, not to be critical of their efforts. I think they have done a good job so far, and are close to full success.