CZWIGOUT is a software I wrote to create random patches for Casio CZ synthesizers. The software was written with Python and has a Tkinter GUI.

Good news! This software is now (2017-07-01) free software under GPL V3 license! The main goal of this change is to make the software simple to use on different operating systems now and in the future. You may still purchase an honorary license if you like and use the software.

Another Random Patch Creator?

There are some other random patch creators for CZ synthesizers available on the internet. Most of these, if not all of them, were created around the feature set of the CZ-101, which was a very popular model. But the CZ-101 has the most limited feature set of the Casio CZ line!

CZWIGOUT is different in that it is built from the ground up around the more advanced CZ-1. CZWIGOUT can randomize ALL of the features of the CZ-1. In fact, it was designed to give random access to the “hidden features” of the Casio CZ-1.

CZWIGOUT can also create patch sets for all of the other models. CZ-101, CZ-1000, CZ-3000, and CZ-5000 are supported.

CZWIGOUT does not require an Amiga emulator in order to run it.