CZSYSEXY is a sysex librarian (with editing ability) for CZ synthesizers. It was built around the advanced feature set of the CZ-1. It works with the CZ-101, CZ-1000, CZ-3000, CZ-5000, and CZ-1. It knows about hidden features and enables a user to organize and manage a collection of sounds.

Please note that CZSYSEXY does not communicate directly with your CZ, though this feature has been requested. CZSYSEXY works by opening, editing, and writing sysex files. You then have to send a sysex file to your CZ by other means.

Good news! This software is now (2017-07-01) free software under GPL V3 license! The main goal of this change is to make the software simple to use on different operating systems now and in the future. You may still purchase an honorary license if you like and use the software.

Why A Sysex Librarian?


2x16 LCD

It is not too difficult to understand the concepts behind CZ synthesis. But I think it is a pain to use the on-board controls for programming. The only display for the synth is an LCD sixteen characters wide and two rows tall. As a result of the small display, there are stacks of “pages” to wade through. Furthermore, the only input keys are left/right/up/down buttons!

CZSYSEXY lets you visualize sysex data. You can get an overview of all the paramaters that make up a sound. You can compare sounds. CZSYSEXY also lets you build and refine a collection of sounds.

CZSYSEXY does not require an Atari emulator in order to run it.