a beanbag game.

Here is a shot of just the game, “What’s For Lunch?”

What’s For Lunch?

This is a game that Emily and I made for the VegChico booth at the 2006 Endangered Species Faire in Bidwell Park (2006-05-06). The box was leftover from someone shipping me a bicycle. I fortified the box, cut vegetable shaped holes in it, and then made it look right using black and white paint. The painting was tri-tone, because the cardboard color served as a medium tone between black and white.

Emily made bean bags using felt and dried beans. Just the thing for tossing legumes at vegetables.

The concept of the game was to make fruits and vegetables seem like a fun lunch. It asks the question, “What’s For Lunch?”, and then kids get points for procuring different fruits and vegetables for their lunch.

kids playing a beanbag game.

A line of kids waiting to play “What’s For Lunch?”

A child playing What's For Lunch, totally lost in the moment.

It's great how enthusiastic kids can be.