Pyra Art 2

The year:
 2107, y31 of Tech Wars
The place:
 Old Town San Francisco
 A much-anticipated piece 
 of rebel communication
 hardware arrives in the
 hands of human agents.
Length: 1294017 (1.2M)
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In the year 2107 a human rebel tricks the robot army into unnecessary expeditions. This keeps the army occupied for now, but it seems to be learning the trick. The fabled Pyra device has finally made it to the front lines. This user has waited two months for it to arrive. Click for a larger version.

It took somewhat longer than one week to get this second illustration published. I thought about relaunching the whole website, and making this the first thing published on the new site, but the revamp of the website keeps getting delayed. First illustration is here.

If you are not already familiar with the Pyra project, check out the Pyra website for details.

The text interface part of the illustration uses the font Proggy Square (1, 2).