Pyra Art 1

The year:
 2107, y31 of Tech Wars
The place:
 Outside New Los Angeles
 The latest mobile command
 hardware finally makes it
 to people challenging the
 robot army.
Length: 1157135 (1.1M)
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It is the year 2107, and the ground is littered with the tech of years gone by. The Pyra device has finally shipped to users. This particular user has been waiting a long time: he explains that he waited two months for it to arrive. Click for a larger version.

By the way, I completely support the long development period of the Pyra, and the idea of getting everything right before moving into production. I helped support development by doing a pre-order on 2016-09-09.

Yes, there is a second design coming that I will publish in about a week.

If you are not already familiar with the Pyra project, check out the Pyra website for details.

The text interface part of the illustration uses the font Proggy Square (1, 2).