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friendly looking spider

Fat black widow in a port-a-potty
Hides under the toilet
and feasts on tender bottoms

friendly looking giant dragon fly

This big guy was stuck to the exterior door.

cat in lap

Roma helping me play Game Boy

buckets of walnuts

These are just some of the walnuts we collected this year.
I think there were 5 buckets this size.

cat on back

I was just trying to pick out a CD when this happened

chocolate cake, chocolate cupcake

Valentine's Day cake with orange-flavored pink icing
Pac-Man serendipity

metal dragon in a parade

This was a flame-throwing animated metal dragon,
seen at the Nevada City CA Mardi Gras Parade.

generic landscape

Hiking near Chico.

cats watching daily soap opera

The squirrel is trying to get at the walnuts.
The cats would like to get at the squirrel.