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(It's really a picture of a tomato)

The good thing about a homegrown tomato
is the funny faces it makes.

Relative size of a Ford F350 and a Subaru Brat.

Ford FU350.

The sun goes down every day, doesn't it?

I should never take pictures of sunsets,
it's always a disappointment.

Photo of a crazy glow.

Now you see a glow...

The worm that made the glow.

...and now you see a worm!
It's actually not a worm, as you can see in this photo.
It's a beetle larva.

Photo of a person mowing.

Mowing the jungle.

A drooping candle.

There’s a heat wave in California!
It was hot enough inside that it bent this candle.

(It's really a picture of an old bus.)

Scenic towing job spotted in Oakland, Oregon.