I do a variety of things that fall under the umbrella of programming. I am part of the Pounce team, where I help build and maintain a number of interesting and dynamic websites. Lately we have helped clients by building custom websites based on WordPress. Outwardly, these do not seem like WordPress sites. But because they are based on WordPress, clients are able to manage their own content.

I am an advocate of open source software, and I use Debian GNU/Linux for much of my work. One of the reasons I like it is because it’s easy to customize to my liking. I also like that it is a community-built operating system that is committed to software freedom.

I create custom software applications for myself and others, from simple scripts to complex GUIs.


  • HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript
  • PHP, Bash
  • Python
  • Linux administration, server administration
  • Integration with existing coding styles

Case Studies

We are living in an interesting time when computers are becoming ubiquitous and can fit in your pocket, yet many people aren’t thinking about the ways a custom-designed application can streamline their particular work. You might get stuck in a laborious way to accomplish a computing task, because you are focused on the tools you already have rather than the tools you could have.

The following case study demonstrates the benefit of a custom-programmed solution for a unique workflow.

  • CatAmount - wildlife GPS data processing application

Currently Working On