Make Stuff

This is the slot where I put projects that involve making things.

Electric Guitar thumbnail image

Electric Guitar

A project to build an electric guitar. This project was spread across many years.

2013-11-13 00:52:20 utc

Media Cabinet thumbnail image

Media Cabinet

A project to build a cabinet to house stereo components and full-size PC.

2012-06-19 00:40:48 utc

Watch Straps thumbnail image

Watch Straps

One-size-fits-me unbreakable watch straps made from outdoor webbing and steel chain.

2006-06-04 07:39:30 utc

Aluminum Threshold Chair Repair thumbnail image

Aluminum Threshold Chair Repair

A description of a project to repair a wooden chair with an aluminum threshold.

2007-09-22 06:39:55 utc

Multi-Game Table thumbnail image

Multi-Game Table

A project to build a small cafe-style table, with a painted design that allows for playing multiple games.

2007-09-22 06:27:02 utc

Quick Shelves Project thumbnail image

Quick Shelves Project

A quick project to build a set of shelves out of scrap wood.

2008-02-20 23:11:42 utc

Bed Platform thumbnail image

Bed Platform

A project to quickly build a platform bed. Platform beds are simple, strong, and silent.

2013-11-12 22:33:39 utc

Shelf Shuffle thumbnail image

Shelf Shuffle

A furniture modification project to rearrange a set of shelves.

2012-06-20 03:28:22 utc

Dirty Drawers thumbnail image

Dirty Drawers

A furniture modification project to re-use the drawers from an old broken desk.

2012-06-15 20:44:20 utc