Summary Files

If “Create Summary?” is checked, then a text log of the process will be created. The file is just a text file, located in the output directory, with the same name as the sysex file that it describes.

The text log documents the state of the checkboxes when the output was created. It also makes a list of all the names and memory locations of the patches that were created.

Let’s say I use CZWIGOUT to create a bunch of random sounds. Then I try them out on the CZ, but I only like about ten of them. Now I need to take some notes about the ten I like, and why I like them. I open up the summary file and write notes right next to the name of each patch.

If you are old school, you can even print out this summary file and scratch on it with your pencil.

Advantages To Using A Summary File

  • Allows you to take notes about the different sounds that are produced
  • If you create a particularly good batch of sounds, having a record of the state of the application will let you reproduce your success

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