Getting Good Results

I wanted CZWIGOUT to create crazy sounds, so my first instinct was to check every box and see how far it could go. Some of the sounds were crazy, but most were too quiet to hear. You will probably have better luck at making crazy sounds by strategically selecting features to be randomized.

If you're looking for interesting envelopes, think about using the default (unchecked) ENVELOPE END STEP. The default END STEP is step 8, which gives your envelopes a chance of playing out.

You can extend this strategy to other parameters, depending on the type of sounds you want to achieve.

Trouble Makers

Some of the parameters are trouble makers, in that when you randomize them you can really put a dent in your sound. What follows is a list of trouble-makers I have noticed.

  • DCA LEVEL - likely to make a sound too quiet.
  • DCA VELOCITY - A little bit of velocity goes a long way, so when you randomize the value you are likely to make your sound too quiet.

Note that both DCA LEVEL and DCA VELOCITY are features that only appear on the CZ-1. Owners of other models don't have to worry about these.

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