Model Differences

This program was made for a CZ-1, and then certain features were removed to make the program function for CZ-101, 1000, 3000, & 5000. Most software that has previously been written for the CZ has been based on the smaller feature set of the popular CZ-101, and is unable to support the higher models.

As a result of this method of working, there are some checkboxes that do not apply to all models.

Model Differences

When you look at the GUI, there are some checkboxes that only apply to a CZ-1.

  • VELOCITY - Pitch, Wave, and Amp Velocity are features only found on a CZ-1. If you are making patches for any other CZ, these six checkboxes will be ignored. Check them or don't check them, it won't matter.
  • DCA LEVEL - Selects the relative Amp Level of each Line. This is only available for a CZ-1. So these two checkboxes will be ignored when making patches for any other CZ.
  • PATCH NAME - This function creates random names for patches. The CZ-1 is the only CZ that supports naming of patches and sending those names in sysex files. So only the CZ-1 can get those random patch names on the LCD.

However, the PATCH NAME function can be used with a CZ-101 through CZ-5000 if you are using the summary function. Random names will be created and will appear in the log file.

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