Many Checkboxes

If you use CZWIGOUT, you will know it has a lot of checkboxes. Here is some more information about them.

What The Checkboxes Mean

If a checkbox is checked, that parameter will be totally randomized over the whole range of possibilities for that value. It even takes into account extended ranges and easter eggs.

If a checkbox is unchecked, the Casio default value for that parameter is used. The default values are the same as for an initialized patch on an actual CZ. In a few cases, I have substituted a default value that I thought would be helpful. (See Default Values)

To clarify, every checkbox is an option to randomize a feature. That sounds simple, but it’s counter-intuitive when it comes to Yes/No questions. For example, checking “Use Wave 2” doesn't mean that WAVE 2 will definitely be used. It means there is a 50/50 chance WAVE 2 will be used.

Filling Out Checkboxes

All the little checkboxes can take a long time to fill out. That's why the checkboxes are divided into groups, and the label for each group is a button that toggles all of the checkboxes in that group.

The buttons do a "smart toggle" that is meant to be intuitive. The first button press toggles the checkboxes, the second press selects all checkboxes, and the third press deselects all checkboxes.

The rows of eight checkboxes in LINE 1 and LINE 2 represent the eight steps of an envelope. The first box is STEP 1 and the last box is STEP 8. The top row is RATE and the bottom row is LEVEL.

The mascot's name is ‘Wiggo’ and his button has a special function.

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