Using The Software

CZWIGOUT is a program that creates random patches for Casio CZ synthesizers. If you don't have a Casio CZ synthesizer, then this program probably won't be very useful to you.


This program does not communicate with the Casio CZ unit. Instead it creates a sysex file in the proper format that you can then send to the CZ with a midi utility. (See Communicating With The Synthesizer.)

Here is a synopsis of how to use the program:

  • Select which of the parameters you want to be randomized, from the many options.
  • When you are done selecting, press a synthesizer button that most closely matches your CZ.
  • Finally, click “Create wigged out sounds”.

If you don't know which keyboard button to press, read the status message that is displayed as each button is pressed.

This program randomizes Timbre data for all models of CZ, and it also randomizes Operation Memory data for the CZ-1. It doesn't affect performance parameters like GLIDE or PORTAMENTO.

Program Output

When the software has cooked up your random sysex file, it will offer to save it somewhere on your system. It doesn't matter where you put them, aside from normal requirements like that you have write access and enough space.

If you have chosen “Create Summary?”, then the summary should be created right alongside the sysex file that was created, but with a '.txt' extension.

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