Hi! I have done a lot of work making CZWIGOUT the best little random patch creator it can be. Once I learned about all the hidden features in Casio sysex messages, I couldn’t rest until I had created this software which randomizes across all those hidden values.

Not only that, but this software was made to work for every different kind of CZ synthesizer. It will give you exactly the right output for whichever machine you have. Did you know that the new version even creates random Operation Memory for the CZ-1?

And finally, I remade this new version alongside CZSYSEXY , my patch editor and librarian. These two applications use a common backend for reading and writing Casio sysex. That means it is more robust, because fixing one improves the other.

Supporting The Project

Please consider supporting this project by purchasing an honorary license. The cost is just $15 USD.

Supporting the project is easy. Just click the PayPal button and follow their instructions. When I receive the payment, I will send you a thank you email. Honorary licenses are good forever!

Contact me if PayPal is not an acceptable option for you.

Trial Mode

Trial mode is dead! Good riddance!


By this point, you are ready to download the software and try it out.