Installation On Linux

Brief instructions for installing CZSYSEXY on Linux.

Basic Install

The most basic version of what you need to do is unzip the archive, and execute the file czsysexy.pyw in such a way that it is interpreted with Python 3. This should launch the program, and you are off and running.


This application is built with Python 3, so you must have a Python 3 interpreter installed and working on your computer. Python 3 is easy to install on Linux, Windows, and Mac.

Your Python 3 environment needs a few more things:

  • Tkinter - A native GUI toolkit for Python. It is often included in the original Python package, but may need to be installed.
  • LibYAML (optional) - A C library for reading YAML files. This makes it much faster to read library files.
  • PyYAML - A Python module for reading and writing YAML. We use YAML for reading and writing to library files.

Troubleshooting—All Platforms

Here are the most common things that could go wrong:

  • Python 3 is not installed.
  • The software is launched in a way that it is not interpreted with Python 3.
  • The software is launched in a way that it is interpreted with Python 2 instead of Python 3.
  • One of the dependencies is missing (Tkinter, YAML).
  • The file czsysexy.pyw is not marked as executable.
  • The files are owned by a different user such that they are not executable.

Basic Install—Linux

It should be easiest to run this software on Linux, because I develop it on Linux. It should be as simple as unzipping and running the software:

unzip cd kasploosh ./czsysexy.pyw


It is easy to install the dependencies on Linux. However, package names may vary between distributions.

Debian, Ubuntu:

apt-get install python3 python3-tk python3-yaml

Arch: (not tested)

pacman -S python tk python-yaml


The best way to troubleshoot the software is to try to run it from a terminal application. It will either launch the software, or show error messages about what went wrong.

First try just launching it:

cd /full/path/to/kasploosh/ ./czsysexy.pyw

If your system tries to use Python 2 rather than Python 3, find a way to specify Python 3:

python3 czsysexy.pyw

If the application doesn’t launch, it should print out some errors about why it didn’t launch. You can often internet search for the key parts of the error messages to find out what needs fixing.

Adding Launchers And Icons

Once the software is launching reliably, you can create a more finished installation by installing the software, icon, and desktop file into appropriate places.

unzip mkdir -p ~/.local/share/icons/hicolor/48x48 mkdir -p ~/.local/share/applications mkdir -p /usr/local/lib/kasploosh cd kasploosh cp support_files/linux/czsysexy.png ~/.local/share/icons/hicolor/48x48/ cp support_files/linux/czsysexy.desktop ~/.local/share/applications/ mv * /usr/local/lib/kasploosh/ cd .. rmdir kasploosh

You can put the project folder, .desktop file, and icon anywhere you see fit. The suggestions I give above are just some suggestions to achieve a local installation that requires no special privileges. If you use a custom location for everything, you will have to edit the .desktop file to match.

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