Icon Meaning

There are toolbar buttons that perform a number of actions. But there was no room to place text above or below them, and it was not feasible to create tooltips. If the meaning of any icon is not clear, you can consult these tables.

One thing to remember is that a floppy disk represents one library item, like a single timbre data patch. A stack of floppy disks represents a library.

Action Icons

save_library.pngSave LibraryThis saves the library to disk. Note the representation of a disk.
save_patch.pngSave PatchThis saves the patch back to the library (not the disk). Note the arrow pointing towards the library.
new_patch.pngNew PatchCreate a new patch using default values.
delete_patch.pngDelete PatchRemove this patch from the list.
revert_patch.pngRevert PatchUndo recent changes to the patch. This only undoes changes since the patch was last saved.
clone_patch.pngClone PatchCreate a duplicate of the current patch.
export_arrow.pngExport PatchAdd the current patch to the export queue.
bake_cake.pngPrepare SysexTransform the export queue into a final sysex file.

Warning Icons

unsaved_changes.pngUnsaved ChangesThis icon appears when the current item has been modified, but not saved to disk.

Sorting Icons

down_one.pngMove Down OneMove the current item down one.
up_one.pngMove Up OneMove the current item up one.
to_bottom.pngMove To BottomMove the current item to the end of the list.
to_top.pngMove To TopMove the current item to the top of the list.
ascend.pngAscending OrderSort the items from smallest to greatest (ascending order).
descend.pngDescending OrderSort the items from greatest to smallest (descending order).

Mode Icons

cz101_cz1000.pngCZ-101 or CZ-1000Prepare 16 timbre messages for CZ-101 and CZ-1000.
cz3000_cz5000.pngCZ-3000 or CZ-5000Prepare 32 timbre messages for CZ-3000 and CZ-5000.
cz1.pngCZ-1Prepare 64 timbre messages, and 64 operation memory messages, for Casio CZ-1.
home.pngDefault ModeAll library items are displayed.
filter.pngFilter ModeA limited number of items are displayed, based on the filters.
timbre_view.pngTimbre View ModeView timbre messages.
timbre_edit.pngTimbre Edit ModeEdit timbre messages.
opmem_view.pngOperation Memory View ModeView operation memory messages.
opmem_edit.pngOperation Memory Edit ModeEdit operation memory messages.

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