CZSYSEXY can read sysex files, understand them, rearrange them, and write them back out. It provides editing controls for every parameter, even advanced parameters found on the CZ-1. It allows accurate control of all hidden features.

Please note that CZSYSEXY does not communicate directly with your CZ, though this feature has been requested. It works by creating sysex files, which you then send to your CZ with your favorite application or script.


The best way to run CZSYSEXY is to use one of the stable versions that have been frozen into binary versions. There are frozen versions for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. Using a frozen version means, in theory, that dependencies will be taken care of.

To run the program, you find the main binary and double-click on it, or otherwise launch it. It’s that easy. You can make it even easier to run by making a shortcut to the main binary, if that hasn’t been done for you.

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CZSYSEXY does not have a configuration file, nor state file, nor does it use the registry. That means you don't have any complicated setup to worry about. That also means the program starts the same every time. It doesn’t remember what you were doing last.

The main thing you have to be organized about is where and how you are going to store all of the sysex files and library files this software will create.

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