Hi! I spent a lot of time trying to make CZSYSEXY a good sysex librarian with editing ability. I hope you will find it useful.

This program gives you the ability to open sysex files, view them, edit them, organize them, create collections, add metadata, and export new sysex files. Please note that CZSYSEXY does not communicate directly with your CZ, though this feature has been requested. You need to use a second application or script to send the sysex to your CZ.

CZSYSEXY understands the differences between all the different CZ machines, so it reads sysex and creates sysex that is exactly tuned for your machine. It is capable handling the advanced features of a CZ-1, as well as the basic features of a CZ-101.

CZSYSEXY gives you access to all the hidden features that have been discovered. Editing them is now as easy as clicking a button.

Supporting The Project

Please consider supporting this project by purchasing an honorary license. The cost is is just $30 USD.

Supporting the project is easy. Just click on the PayPal button, and follow the instructions. When I receive the payment, I will send you a thank you email. Honorary licenses are good forever!

Contact me if PayPal is not an acceptable option for you.

Trial Mode

Trial mode is dead! Good riddance!


By this point you are ready to get at the downloads and try out the software.