shower song

This is a song I wrote while in Gabon, where it's much more likely that one would be feeling blue, awfully hot, covered with biting ants, or soiling one's underpants.



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Poor Man's Swimming Pool
The original poor man's swimming pool;
09585 2001 nov 13 tue;
Neuf Routes, Gabon.


When you're feeling blue, take a shower.
When there's nothing to do, take a shower.
When you're awfully hot, take a shower.
And even when you're not, take a shower.

When you're sad, when you're blue,
When there's not so much to do
And your roof leaks too,
Take a shower.

Got a hot date? Take a shower.
When you're going out late, take a shower.
If you're staying home, take a shower.
And if you're always all alone...take a shower.

When you're tired, when you're sore,
When your life's an endless bore,
Or when you hump like a whore,
Take a shower.

When you're stiff, when you're tense,
When you're covered with biting ants,
And then you soil your underpants,
Take a shower.

I just took a shower an hour ago.
What's an hour ago got to do with right now?
So what I took a shower an hour ago?
What's an hour ago got to do with me now?

Went running at six,
Spent all day at school,
It's time to go skinny dipping
In my poor man's swimming pool!

What happened to the water?
SEEG cut it.
What to do now?
I'm forced to get with my bucket!

The End.


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