CZ Projects

This is the section for Casio CZ projects I have done. The most notable projects are CZSYSEXY, a sysex editor and librarian, and CZWIGOUT, a random sound creator. I have written up tutorials on how to send and receive sysex to CZs. I have also documented some quests for hidden features (1, 2).

Casio CZ-1 Spelunking thumbnail image

Casio CZ-1 Spelunking

An easter egg hunt inside a Casio CZ-1.

2007-12-17 00:15:14 utc

Casio CZ Envelopes thumbnail image

Casio CZ Envelopes

A discussion of envelope data in Casio CZ synthesizers, including some common myths.

2012-06-29 23:47:00 utc

CZSYSEXY thumbnail image


CZSYSEXY is a sysex librarian (with editing ability) for Casio CZ synthesizers.

2012-09-19 01:44:52 utc

CZWIGOUT thumbnail image


CZWIGOUT is an advanced random patch creator for Casio CZ synthesizers.

2008-02-18 06:41:03 utc

CZ How To thumbnail image

CZ How To

How to information, and tutorials, for common tasks involving Casio CZ synthesizers.

2012-09-20 18:17:52 utc

Overview Of Casio CZ Synthesizers

Casio produced the CZ line of synthesizers from 1984 into the 1990s. When the CZ-101 was released in 1984, there were other digital synthesizers available (notably Yamaha DX-7), but they were big and expensive. The CZ-101 was pint-size, affordable, digital, and easier to program than the Yamahas. Despite Casio’s reputation for making simple home keyboards, the CZ line are deep and usable.

Most Common Models

The line drawings in this table were taken from the Operation Manual for each model. They are in scale relative to each other. The small images are 1px = 5mm, and the large images are 1px = 1mm.

ModelImageFeaturesRemember Me
676 × 208 × 70
49 mini keys First pint-size, affordable digital synth.
16 preset, 16 user tones
pitch wheel
785 × 300 × 90
49 full keys CZ-101 with full-size keys and membrane switches.
16 preset, 16 user tones
pitch wheel
1025 × 341 × 125
61 full keys More features than CZ‑1000.
32 preset, 32 user tones
pitch wheel, modulation wheel
stereo chorus
1025 × 341 × 127
61 full keys CZ-3000 with an 8-track sequencer.
32 preset, 32 user tones
pitch wheel, modulation wheel
stereo chorus
1025 × 341 × 127
61 full keys Most advanced model.
0 preset, 64 user tones, 64 operation memory
pitch wheel, modulation wheel
stereo chorus, velocity, aftertouch

Less Common Models

If anyone has the Operation Manual for the CZ-2000S or CZ-2600S, I would like to have a copy.

ModelImageFeaturesRemember Me
806 × 206 × 76
49 mini keys Preset version of CZ-101, with RZ drums, and a speaker.
96 preset, 4 user tones
pitch wheel
CZ‑2000S 61 full keys CZ-3000 with speakers.
32 preset, 32 user tones
pitch wheel
stereo chorus, modulation slider
CZ‑2600S 61 full keys Rare. Best guess, based on interweb, is a CZ-2000S with stereo speakers and RZ drums.
32 preset, 32 user tones
pitch wheel
stereo chorus

The CZ models that included speakers were not imported into North America.